Welcome to Rourketown Studios. We have catered to top music professionals and dedicated enthusiasts for over 8 years. Located in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, Rourketown features a unique discrete Tonelux analog mixing console and an impressive list of new and vintage outboard gear in a Chris Pelonis designed studio.
Designed in conjunction with Vintage King Audio, this studio has hosted recording and mixing sessions with Artists and Producers such as The Kottonmouth Kings, Hed(Pe), Josh Todd, Josh Freese, Rob Chirelli, Rob Caggiano, Edward Wohl, Eyes Set to Kill, Unwritten Law and Paul Lani to name a few.
Rourketown Studios is proud to announce the recent addition of a refurbished Ampex ATR-102 Master Tape Recorder, adding all the benefits of warm analog punch to your mixes. These machines are legendary for their mastering capabilities and lush analog sound. Some consider the ATR-102 the best mastering deck ever built.

Rourketown Studios is located in Northridge; 2 miles west off the 405 Freeway on Nordhoff Street.

Please call us for specific directions to the studio.

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